Trevor and Glenys know a thing or two about moving house. In fact, before starting Waterfront Agents, they were in the removalist business. Follow these simple guidelines for a hassle-free move:

  • Thinking of Buying or Selling? Call 0400 818 777 for some fresh, honest & reliable advice from Trevor & Glenys Martin
  • Removalist: Ring for a costing on your move.
  • Electricity and Gas: Energy Australia – 136 102; AGL Customer Service – 131 245; Elgas (allow minimum one week’s notice) – 13 1161; Ergon Energy (allow 24 hours) – 13 1046
  • Water: Unity Water: 5431 8304; Sunshine Coast Council – 5420 8200
  • Telstra: Reconnection, allow 2-3 working days. A new line, allow 2 weeks – 13 2200. Advise Pay TV supplier.
  • Settlement: Best time for settlement is 11 am or 12noon to allow time to unload in daylight. Make sure your Solicitor organises this.
  • Floors: Have carpets cleaned after you move – not before. Timber floors should be left to dry for at least 72 hours before placing anything on, and/or use protection for furniture legs.
  • Post office: Apply to redirect mail through Australia Post – 13 1318 or online.
  • Deliveries: Stop or redirect all home deliveries, e.g. newspaper delivery
  • Home services: Notify gardeners, cleaners, etc. of your move and organise final appointments.
  • Schools: Notify change of address details.
  • Public transport: Apply for new passes if necessary.
  • Driver’s license and registration: Notify Qld Transport – 13 2380 or online.
  • Banks: Notify change of address details and transfer accounts.
  • Australian Electoral Roll: Change your address online or obtain forms from Australia Post.
  • Australian Taxation Office: Notify change of address – 13 2861 or online.
  • Other government departments: Centrelink (Family Allowance) – 13 6150; Medicare – 13 2011; Deptartment of Veterans’ Affairs – 1800 555 254
  • Doctor/Dentist/Vet: Notify change of address details.
  • Club Memberships/Subscriptions: Notify change of address details.
  • Finance Companies, Credit Cards, Loans, etc: Notify change of address details.
  • Insurance: Notify change of address details for property, contents, car, health, life – check if your contents insurance covers in-transit insurance, if not, check with removalist for cover.
  • House keys: Hand keys to your agent and collect keys for your new home.

More Moving Secrets

BE STRONG – have that garage sale you have always promised yourself. Sort through all your possessions and get rid of everything you haven’t used in the past 6-12 months. You’ll save money in the long run.

  1. Order your cartons as early as possible, along with tape and white butcher’s paper for wrapping china. Your removalist/storage company should be able to supply you with these items.
  2. All cartons should be sealed with 5cm packing tape, with small flaps top and bottom inserted first. Never inter-fold cartons.
  3. Always mark the contents of your cartons on the sides – this makes it easier to locate when they are stacked.
  4. Put everything that will fit into cartons – even if it is only one item. Cartons are easier to move than one-off items.
  5. Dont overload the cartons. Make sure one person can lift them. Make sure there is no movement in them.
  6. Standard cartons (tea chests) are useful for clothes, linen, bedding, pots & pans, lampshades, and china.
  7. China – make sure you wrap in white butcher’s paper, your removalist should be able to supply this. Don’t use newspaper, as everything will have to be washed before being put away – and some china can stain permanently.
  8. Wrap every china item individually and bunch paper at the bottom, sides, and top of the container to act as a cushion. Place plates on their edge and glasses on their rim stem upwards with the heavier items on the bottom.
  9. Book boxes are used for heavy items such as books, wine bottles, food, records, tools, etc.
  10. Pictures – a good way to pack pictures and mirrors is to tape a flat carton like an envelope and place crushed paper bottom and top and slip them in.
  11. Porta robes are used to move your hanging clothes and save re-ironing. Your removalist should be able to supply these on the day of moving.
  12. Defrost your refrigerator about 12 hours prior to moving and make sure you get rid of all the water.
  13. Check to see if any items to be removed require a plumber or electrician to disconnect anything.
  14. Drain your lawn mower. Removalists cannot move any inflammable liquids, aerosols, paints, etc. Gas cylinders must be emptied and cocks left open.
  15. Storage – no inflammable liquids or foodstuffs can be stored. Use naphthalene (moth balls) in cartons containing clothing, bed linen, rugs, etc.
  16. Cleaning – you may wish to arrange carpet and household cleaning in your new or old home.
  17. Before the removalist finishes loading their truck please check to see that they’ve left nothing behind.