Preparing Your Home for Sale & Open Homes


  • Declutter the house – clear all surfaces of items & personal belongings
  • Clean inside and out, including windows & outdoor paving
  • Remove any shabby or mismatched furniture
  • Replace tired fabrics including bedding, scatter cushions & rugs
  • If possible touch up/repaint walls & replace worn carpets
  • Tidy & mulch garden beds and add some new plants in bare spots, especially near the front door & weed gardens
  • Trim lawn edges and mow
  • Complete any obvious maintenance & prominent faults
  • Corrosion control – Living on the Coast means properties can be affected by corrosion. Clean up or replace any fans, light fittings or fixtures that have been affected

The presentation is important in the overall selling process, and first impressions are everything.


  • Well-lit homes are best – turn lights on and open curtains & blinds
  • Attention to detail – remove clutter, put personal items and photos away
  • Any visible linen & towels must be clean
  • Aromas tend to be winners – add touches such as freshly cut flowers or a nice candle burning
  • It’s best to remove pets from the scene
  • Irrespective of the season, ensure the house is at an acceptable temperature
  • Tidy & clean the front entrance area


Preparing your home for sale



  • Declutter shelves & surfaces – Remove TV remotes, magazines, newspapers, tissue boxes, exercise equipment, toys, pedestal fans, personal items such as family photos, birthday cards, Christmas decorations etc.
  • Make sure all your furniture is neatly arranged
  • Make sure all the lights are working and turn them on


  • Declutter & clean all surfaces
  • Neatly arrange fruit or flowers for a welcoming touch
  • Hide benchtop appliances such as toasters and kettles, remove magnets from the fridge
  • Hide items stored on top and sides of fridge and cupboards, including tea towels, soap, cleaning products, plugs, dish rack, bins, floor mats, pet bowls, keys etc.
  • Clean cooktop & rangehood and ensure light is working


  • Remove clothes and personal items from the floor and other surfaces
  • Neatly make beds and smooth out bed linen
  • Ensure items stored under beds are not visible
  • Tidy walk-in robes
  • Ensure bedside lamps work and are switched on
  • Remove unwanted items such as extra chairs, exercise equipment, soft toys etc.


  • Remove tablecloths
  • Neatly arrange items in display cabinets and shelves
  • Set tables with your best cutlery or place settings or attractive centrepieces such as candles, flowers, or fruit


  • Neatly hang matching towels (buy new ones if needed)
  • Clean mirrors, surfaces, shower screens & tiles
  • Hide bath mats, bath toys, bins, weight scales, toiletries, cosmetics, and cleaning products
  • Close toilet lids


  • Mow lawns and trim edges, weed, mulch & prune
  • Clean the BBQ if it’s in sight
  • Park cars, trailers, bikes & caravans out of sight
  • Make sure all outside lights are working
  • Don’t hose outside areas unless there’s enough drying time
  • Set a table with glasses & wine bottle or water decanter
  • Clean the pool, remove creepy crawly, cleaning products & equipment, pool cover & toys
  • Remove garden equipment, tools, bins & play items
Preparing your home for photography